How Weightlifting Can Improve Your Health

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You might ask, why weightlifting? I’m here to tell you the mental and physical health benefits of weightlifting, and why you should try it, just in time for the summer!

Builds Confidence

Weightlifting feels good! If you’re consistent, you’ll see results fairly quickly, and it is a good confidence booster. When you find something you’re passionate about and good at, it builds confidence. When you work on yourself, and it pays off, that also builds confidence.

Improves Physical Strength

As you lift consistently heavy, you will build physical strength. It allows you to perform other daily tasks as well, while also pushing yourself every time you’re in the gym. When you apply progressive overload, whether it be increasing the reps or weights, this improves your physical strength.

Improves Heart Health and Bone Strength

Studies show that weightlifting has many health benefits such as improving your heart health and bone strength. A study from Harvard demonstrated that 30-60 minutes of weightlifting had a 10-20% lower risk of dying from cancer and heart disease. It can also decrease your blood pressure, and cholesterol, and improve blood circulation, according to Healthline.

Additionally, weightlifting is great for bone development, as it tells your body to essentially rebuild your bones to be stronger when you lift. It also reduces the risk of fractures and whatnot.

Long-Term Benefits

When you consistently lift weights, some long-term benefits include:

  • Improve glucose metabolism
  • Enhance maintenance of healthy body weight
  • Improve cardiovascular risk factors such as blood pressure

Ultimately, weightlifting has many positive outcomes, and speaking from personal experience, everyone should try weightlifting. Other forms of exercise however include jogging, hiking, pilates, yoga, or cycling. Until next time, contact me for more!

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