How to Feel Motivated for the Gym

My dad always tells me that getting to the gym means you already have 70% of the work done. But how do you reach that 70%? I will share my ways of getting motivated for the gym.

Firstly, I try to get 7-8 hours of sleep every day. Do I actually do this? No…..but I should, and you should too. The times I do get enough sleep, I wake up feeling ready to take on the world, and hit the gym. This tip is more applicable to people who enjoy morning workouts. Nonetheless, getting enough sleep is important for your gym progress, and may help you wake up feeling more motivated.

Next, I pick out a cute gym outfit. You can check out one of my previous posts where I review workout brands, so you can find the perfect gym outfit for yourself. As I’ve said before, if I look good, I feel good. Another tip is to pick your outfit the night before so you don’t have to figure it out in the morning. I also think picking out a good outfit also helps with comfort. For instance, I wear shorts on leg day and leggings on arm day. I find it to be more comfortable and suitable for the muscle groups I’m hitting. Others may have different preferences, which is why it is beneficial to find out what works for you.

Then, I take some pre-workout. I’ll preface this by saying it is not necessary to take to reach your goals, and that you should always proceed with caution. It’s energy and endurance, and that’s why I take it. With that being said, I don’t “dry scoop” or take more than the suggested amount. I also take caffeine cleanses every 2-3 months to lower my tolerance. But if you’re looking for that extra boost, try some pre-workout. I can make a post reviewing energy drinks and pre-workout in the upcoming weeks.

When I get to the gym, my motivation can change depending on the available equipment and how I feel when I get there. Sometimes, I’ll ditch my routine completely and do several random exercises, or find a TikTok or Instagram workout to follow instead. It’s okay to ditch your original plan and try something new. Or, if all else fails, do cardio. Lately, I have been going on the Stairmaster after my workouts, and it makes me feel more accomplished by the end of it.

Lastly, listen to a good workout playlist. You can find my gym playlist on my home page, or go on Spotify and find one that motivates you. I have specific songs I use for when I hit PRs, so find one for yourself!
Hopefully, you can take a tip or two from this post, and I hope this encourages you to hit the gym!

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