Peer Review #3

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Today I’ll be reviewing Nicole’s website,! It’s a personal blog about exploring and trying new things. Her tagline is “Shake up your routine and explore, ” which sums up her website well. She wishes to break a monotonous routine and share new ideas with her readers. I love how she tells her story before approaching the blog’s purpose because it provides context and a personable tone to her writing.

She uses a content marketing strategy to appeal to viewers, through personal storytelling. It’s written from the perspective of someone who wants to change something about her life, and the journey of her doing such.

She has different categories for her blog, using a submenu to highlight different topics such as ‘My Explore’, ‘A Day in a Life’, and ‘T Time’. This is a strategic way to organize her website content and allow viewers to read different topics based on what they are drawn to. This is also an excellent way to keep users on the site for longer, improving her Google Analytics.

Looking deeper into her blogs, her branding is fairly consistent across the board, naming her blogs ‘Plogs’. This is a unique way to draw viewers in, though I’d love to know what inspired ‘Plogs’. She is authentic and honest about her life, even in her most recent post, detailing how busy she was and how she was unable to go to different places.

In addition, I think it would be beneficial to only include a few recent blog posts on her home page, rather than all of them, as the homepage looks a bit busy, and users may feel overwhelmed.

In terms of business strategy, she utilizes her social media as a strategy to get viewers to read her site. Her social media is consistent and engaging, which I love. I would recommend she add links to the images on her website, to link to her Instagram posts. I notice she has a Pinterest as well, which contributes to the aesthetics of her website. I would recommend she consider other social media channels such as TikTok or Twitter. She could also make Day in the Life vlogs to include in her blog posts. To invite leads or more viewers, I would include a contact page of some sort, and use that as a call-to-action in her posts. She has a subscribe box at the bottom of her page, but it is hard to see, so I would try to make that more visible somehow, by including it earlier on the home page.

All in all, the consistency of her branding is compelling, and I would personally read her blog posts and view her website. I can tell she pays attention to the design and content and ensures they are synonymous with each other. Check out her website!


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