Peer Review #2

PUB 201: Peer Review #2, Neon glasses, Created by LWL

I will be reviewing Maria’s website, Life with Mar, which is a blog focusing on her adventure diaries. I can tell from her mission statement that her purpose is to tell her stories and encourage others to try new things, which is very motivating. This quote, “Fall in love with the process of becoming the very best version of yourself”, highlights the main purpose of her website.

Looking at Mauve’s concepts of brand, identity, and logo, Maria’s website addresses all three. Her brand is her storytelling of her adventure diaries, whereas her identity and logo are represented through her design and colour layout of the website. I like that she uses a consistent colour palette for her website, something I have been trying to apply to my website as well.

Taking a deep dive into her website, Maria has 5 menu items at the top of the page, with a footer menu at the bottom, and her logo and title centred at the top of the page. A couple of things to note are that the Home page button and Find Me page do not work and come up as errors when clicked on. Overall, I like the simplicity and aesthetics of her website, as it is visually appealing and easy to navigate as a user.

In terms of content, the 5 C’s of content marketing can be applied to Maria’s website. She calibrates her content and makes her goal clear to her audience. She creates engaging content, and she curates her content to be fairly consistent across the board. I would suggest she try to circulate and convert her content by expanding her brand across social media channels. For her type of content, I would recommend she try launching an Instagram or TikTok account. Ideally, this would help her convert her audience by inviting website traffic. At the end of each post, she uses Twitter and Facebook as call-to-actions for her users, by encouraging them to repost the post somewhere on social media.

I would strongly recommend that Maria takes a deeper dive into her storytelling, and perhaps make a post that details why she chose this focus for her brand. Sherrett’s article on storytelling explains that telling a company story will appeal to viewers and draw them in.

Overall, I like Maria’s website! As a user, I am drawn to personable content, and I think she represents that on her website. I will keep reading her content in the future!

Check out her website here:


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