A picture of me with a drink on my 19th birthday

I’m Lita, a 20 year old communication major and publishing minor at SFU. I am currently completing the co-op program in Communication to gain marketing experience for post-graduation.

In my free time, I constantly strive to improve my health by staying active. For several years, I dwelled on the number on the scale and developed unhealthy habits that hindered my progress. Last year, I started going to the gym and began weight lifting. Initially, I was shy and inexperienced, but I fell in love with weight lifting, and my confidence rose throughout 2021. Eventually, I worked out six days a week, and I was determined to increase my strength and gain muscle. In addition, I remained dedicated to cardio and performed aerobic exercises through running, walking or hiking. I watched videos on TikTok and YouTube and did external research to gain knowledge of terminology, form, and suggestions to achieve my goals.

When I am not at the gym, I enjoy outdoor activities, reading books, spending quality time with family and friends, and watching reality television. Occasionally, I play video games as well.

Academically, I wish to pursue a career in public relations or journalism. I intend to continue to be active and work on my health. This blog allows me to demonstrate my hard work through fitness and share my ongoing journey with the audience. I don’t intend to offer professional advice, but encourage young individuals to start their fitness journey today.

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